Ice Fish AS supply fresh and frozen fish products from Norway 
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WE supply all type OF SEAFOOD:

Cod, Haddock, Saithe, Redfish, Monkfish, Tusk, Ling, Plaice, Black Halibut, White Halibut, Salmon, Trout, Kingcrab, Cod-roe and Cod-liver.

Fresh – Frozen – Salted – Dried
HG – Fillets – Loins – Stockfish

We currently
export to:

West and eastern Europe

August 2019

Welcome our new employee

We would like to welcome Nicolas as a new employee in Ice Fish. Nicolas will work as our new sales representative within the fresh fish department. Good Luck to you Nicolas.

May 2019

Meet us at The Global Marketplace

We will soon open our booth no 5-401 as a part of the Norwegian pavilion in Brussels. Meet us there 7th–9th of May for a chat or a 🍻.

April 2019

Ledig stilling som fiskeselger hvitfisk

Drives du av salg, utvikling og resultater? Ice Fish AS ønsker å styrke organisasjonen med en proaktiv og fremoverlent selger, med ansvar for flere av våre kunder og leverandører fersk hvitfisk.

Les mer om stillingen her.

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